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Cave Creek and Carefree Arizona

One doesn't ordinarily talk about two towns at the same time. But Carefree AZ and Cave Creek are joined at the hip. They're the odd couple of getaway destinations. Sort of like pork-and-beans and caviar. Cattle ranches and symphony. Frank Sinatra and and Toby Keith. It's not unusual to see Porsches, motorcycles and horses hitched in front of a rustic saloon.

It's a real life romance where Old West Frontier meets modern swanky. Both Carefree and Cave Creek has a bit of each. But generally, Carefree is the new kid and Cave Creek AZ is the remnants of gold fever and cattle ranching from the 1870s. Whereas Carefree AZ was spawned as a master-planned community in the 1950s for the very affluent. Those rich folks that had some dusty, old chaps hanging in their closets.

Cave Creek and Carefree Commonality

Gracious living in a desert forest of rare beauty. Serene, tranquil and quiet. Wide open preserves that hold secrets from the ancient times when the Hohokam Indians lived in the area. Where Black Mountain dominates horizons that camouflage custom-built mansions amidst massive granite boulder outcropping and forests of stately Saguaro cactus.

Part cowboy and equestrian. Replicated frontier town. Bawdy looking saloons. Expensive private golf clubs and affordable public courses. Informal hole-in-the wall delicious dining near upscale eateries. Five star resorts. Riding stables everywhere. Bartlett Lake to the east and Lake Pleasant to the west. Rusty antique shops and swank galleries of expensive art.

Small town America. A refuge from the big cities of Scottsdale AZ and Phoenix, Arizona, yet just a short 30 mile drive to metropolis amenities. Picturesque and a bit whimsical. Care-free and easy lifestyle with street names like Easy Street, Languid Lane, Nonchalant Avenue, Nevermind Trail, Ho Hum Road. That kind of explains this rural area with a ritzy touch.

Real Estate and Homes in Demand

Cave Creek has seemingly always been for the common man. But today it can be both upscale and modest. Suits and ties or jeans and long beards. And it has its share of luxury homes that blend with the beauty of the environment. Cattlemen and the professional. Many choices here in Cave Creek, Arizona. Remains of wooden wagons dot the roadside. Swinging doors on its saloons and grills. No stoplights. Old west charm connected to the elegance found in Carefree.

Carefree, Arizona was pre-planned as a super upscale retirement area. Huge mansions dot the landscape with backyards that expand into thousands of acres of pure beauty. Today Carefree also appeals to the younger professional set, that works in the big city and then returns home to the serene life that has made Carefree, Arizona famous.

Both Cave Creek AZ and Carefree AZ homes and wide open real estate are built for laid-back charm. Away from the hustle and bustle. Often called North Desert Foothills, this real estate and style of living is very much in demand. Be advised. If you visit this piece of heaven north of Scottsdale and Phoenix, you may not want to back home. At the least you may consider buying a second home here to enjoy the great weather in the fall, winter and spring.

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Carefree Arizona
Carefree Arizona
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