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Without stress, worries or troubles. That's the meaning of being carefree. That's what the founders envisioned back in the 1950s. The street names are evidence of their intentions. Easy Street, Nonchalant, Tranquil Trail, Ho Hum, Primrose Lane and Nevermind Trail. Throw in street names like Bloody Basin, Long Rifle and Stagecoach which reflects the old west and you get a vision of what Carefree AZ is all about.

Carefree is laid-back with small town charm. But it's also upscale and affluent. Homes here begin in the half-million dollar range and top-out in the millions upon millions. You may not have to be wealthy, but it certainly helps to be able to experience the carefree way of life. Don't get me wrong. Carefree is not stuffy or snooty. It just takes some big pocket-change to help stay worry-free.

Carefree, Arizona, located less than 30 miles north of Scottsdale, is a peaceful existence of tranquil beauty. Its population is less the 4,000 residents, some of which make Carefree a second vacation home. The homes here typically set on large acreage blending with wide-open spaces. The town of Carefree is likely to remain small and charming since much of the surrounding land is protected preserve with views that can only be described as spectacular.

Homes in Carefree are generally big. Real big. Yet there are smaller abodes with more affordable price-tags. Originally master-planned as an upscale retirement community, it is now attracting a younger professional with families. Its elevation of about 2,600 feet is about 1,500 feet higher than Phoenix resulting in average temperatures that are about 4 degrees cooler than its nearby big city.

Where The Old West Merges With New

Carefree is incongruous. It's adjacent sister-town is Cave Creek AZ and residents and visitors alike share attractions that at first seem incompatible. It's sort of like the odd couple. "Home of cowboys and caviar" which some call it. Cave Creek, Arizona was settled in the 1870s by gold prospectors and cattlemen whereas Carefree was not even a thought until the 1950s.

Cave Creek is a throw-back to the frontier days whereas Carefree is relatively new and mimics Spanish-flavored architecture in an upscale, affluent fashion. But the two towns share a great love of the combined experience where it's not unusual to see expensive cars and motorcycles in parking lots next to horses tied to hitching posts. Regardless of which town you may live or visit, the beautiful vistas are much the same, but the ambiance of each is uniquely different, but enjoyed by all.

Scoot east or west along Cave Creek Road. Shop the high-end shops and dine on tea and crumpets of Carefree or let your hair down and head to the antique stores, saloons and cowboy restaurants in Cave Creek. Ride horses into the mountain terrain. Head to Bartlett Lake for a day of boating and fishing. Dance to live country music or go see the country's largest Sundial which is 35 feet tall and 72 feet long.

You might call everything about the two towns as a bit whimsical, but that is part of the charm. Be careful when you visit because you might get the desire to relocate to Carefree. If you do, contact one of our Carefree Realtors that will be glad to show you where the best home values can be found.

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