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Frontier Town in Cave Creek Arizona

View of shops in Frontier Town located in Cave Creek, Arizona

You'll have to get out of Phoenix and Scottsdale to get a taste of the old west. One of these places is Frontier Town in Cave Creek, Arizona. Cave Creek AZ itself is a throw-back to the early frontier days. Before gold miners and cattlemen settled this rustic area in the 1870s, the ancient Hohokam Indians roamed these parts from the about 1050 to about 1400 when these early inhabitants mysteriously left the area.

Today, Frontier Town is located in the center of town. Yes, its mostly a replica of an old west town, but the land its sets on carries a rich history and association to those days long past. Although it's a bit "touristy", the flavor and aura still whispers of nostalgia. There is a long history behind the spawning of Frontier Town. Some fact while some is legend that has evolved for almost 150 years.

A Bit of History About Frontier Town

In 1935 work began on the Bartlett Dam and in 1940 it continued on the Horseshoe Dam. Both dams were created on the nearby Verde River and lakes now exist for water recreation and fishing. A camp was built to provide housing for the many workers that built those dams. Saloons came along and and the local miners and ranchers joined the nightly fun with the dam workers.

This was the real beginning of what eventually became the Town of Cave Creek, Arizona. Today, Frontier Town sets on this same land that was once a camp. There is a slab that marks the spot and legend has it that this slab sets where old outhouses once sat. The Leather Mill shop occupies one of the original buildings.

Electrical power arrived in the 1940s and the road to the area was paved from nearby Phoenix. When the dams were completed, workers left. A lady by the name of "Peewee Simons" and her husband bought what was left of the camp and turned the land into a guest ranch with a bed and breakfast. Legend has it that bawdy activities took place here. Probably did.

In 1969, this guest ranch was sold to a fellow named Herman King and he modified the ranch and bed and breakfast into Frontier Town. When he died, he left it to his daughter, Beverly who in turn left it to her son Marc who still keeps the peace at Frontier Town as "Town Marshall".

Frontier Town Today

Today Frontier Town is mostly replicas of buildings from those old west days of cowboys and gold miners. It is no longer a guest ranch or a bed and breakfast, but a collection of nostalgic wooden walkways, hitching posts, old wagons, and open-air antiques from the era gone by. Housed there now is an old time BBQ restaurant, outdoor patio saloon, chapel, wedding pavilion and gift shops. Collectively, it's the center attraction of Cave Creek, AZ for locals and tourists alike.

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Frontier Town
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